Details of the project solution

Analysis of the project solution


We cooperate on the project preparation and together solve the given issue. Where there are more solutions, we offer several alternatives.

Analysis – technology

We offer the first proposal for solving the project. We submit the technological solution for the project including its incorporation into the production process.

Technical requirements

Together we prepare the technical requirements which include the technical specifications for the project.


In concordance with the technical requirements we calculate an offer concerning the price and delivery time of the required machine or equipment.

Contract of work

After receiving an order, we prepare a pre-contract agreement according to Act 409 of the current Commercial Code no.513/1991 Sb.

Engineering construction

Construction development is carried out using CAD programming in a 3D environment, thus eliminating conflicting situations. Our construction engineers develop the project according to valid European standards and legal requirements of the countries where the respective machine or equipment will be implemented. The safe functioning of our products is under consideration throughout the project's entire development.

Construction and electrical installation

Construction is carried out using CAD a program which enables the creation of documentation for electrical layouts according to current standards. The majority of the machines and equipment designed are controlled electronically by modern control systems.

Technical drawings and documentation

2D and 3D drawings are generated from the 3D environment and include drawings of assembly units, welded construction units and production details. A list of components with the numbers of produced and purchased parts respectively is included in the documentation.

Project completion

The project is undertaken on the company premises.

Project handover

The project is handed over on the basis of a contract. A detailed user manual is provided along with EU declaration of conformity according to Europian Directive 2006/42/EC.


After-sales service is available once the stated guarantee has expired. This offer includes regular checkups and, if necessary, the replacement of parts clearly subjected to wear and tear.

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