Complex services

Development and construction of special purpose machinery, equipment and production lines

Our company builds on the long-term experience of a team of specialists in the branch of special purpose machinery. Our construction engineers are capable of solving issues concerning engineering mechanisms and electrical and pneumatic applications. CAD systems are implemented in order to achieve high-quality results.

Production is carried out according to our own or the customer's documentation

Projects are carried out predominantly by our own production means. The production department is divided into two separate sections: metal-working, fitting and welding operations, and electrical and machinery assembly. Production is carried out by qualified workers who have had many years of experience in the production and installation of special purpose machinery and production lines.

Installation and activation

After the special purpose machinery or production lines have been installed, operating tests are carried out within the production premises. The testing process is carried out according to the level of activation and production conditions in which the machinery is intended to function. Subsequently, the machinery is transported to the customer, to its designated position where it is installed and connected to an energy source. The next step is final customer testing of the machinery or production line where the customer's specified requirements are verified. During the operating and final testing, operator and maintenance training is undertaken. After all tests have been carried out, the customer receives relevant documentation in accordance with legal requirements.


After the period of the contractual guarantee expires, we offer an after-sales service with a response to machinery or production line modifications within 24 hours.

Production of spare parts

We offer the production of spare parts for older machinery produced by our company. In some cases we can also carry out the exchange of units, thus reducing production delays.

General overhauls of single purpose machines

We undertake the general overhaul and modernization of our own machinery and that of other producers. Together with the repairs, the safety devices are reviewed and new safety features are designed according to updated standards and statutory regulations.


Construction activities

Processing of:

We work with the following formats: dwb, dxf, dwg, stp, igs, pro

Production activity

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