Robotization is an integral component of all industrial branches of our activities. It is present in either independent production cells, in assembly and testing equipment or as a production line component. An industrial robot is a tool which is applicable within all areas of our activities. The implementation of robots simplifies and speeds up the design of workplaces and, in most cases, it speeds up the working process and, above all, enables the trajectory and speed of the work process to be modified flexibly. All of the above assertions point to the implementation of such tools.

Robotic cells are designed with a view to maximising the implementation of industrial robots. All other components are usually subordinate to this requirement. Assessment of the working speed and arm reach is carried out during 3D construction design studies which determine the suitability of the design concept. The safety of workplaces designed in such a way is also dealt with along with the construction of the cell.

Our designs for robotic cells fulfil the strictest assembly process safety and checking requirements which are implemented either through construction measures or monitoring systems. We offer our customers such systems in the form of remote operation monitoring and traceability systems for reverse tracking of a specific product.

Lubrication equipment, FAB testing equipment, manipulation with mgg, grippers, ABB supplies, fortell

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